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Open Door to Africa

"Building communities through empowerment of local people and imparting values that make a difference in the present and future of the Country".

TARGET AUDIENCE: People of all races and faiths interested in the personal development of their communities through a direct and indirect involvement with the programs presented by the project. Youth, adolescents and children are always the main target for us to form a strong population for the future.


   1. Train and train key people in at least 20 villages in the Ashanti region surrounding each of them in a program of income generation for the development of the community where they are inserted. Children and Adolescents will be able to be watched while their parents are trained.
   2. Building a training and capacity building in the city of Kumasi. Which also will run a soccer school for children and adolescents. In partnership with football clubs from other countries like Brazil, Germany and France want to send players to be tapped by these clubs.
   3. Start a partnership program with local government to promote the development of the regions to be reached.
   4. Involve other social institutions are already working in Ghana through partnerships healthy and productive.
   5. Develop a model program that can be easily copied and used anywhere. Part of the project will publicize the program in all regions of the country's poorer, then the African continent.


Ghana is a country where we are acting in this first phase of the project until we can reach all of North Africa and finally the Continent. We will be working initially in the cities of Kumasi and Tema. From there we will be reaching throughout the region and surrounding areas as the structure of our project on African soil.

Kumasi, Ashanti region's major city (local ethnic group). Situated in south-central part of the country, about 250 km northwest of Accra. With a population of 1,517,000 (2005, source: United Nations Population Division), Kumasi is the second largest city. The Ashanti ethnic group is the fastest growing among other groups of Ghana.

Other City Theme is to be achieved, a large city near the capital Accra. Theme whose population is 209,000 people (2005), is a city on the Atlantic coast where is located one of the most important ports in West Africa.


The main objective of this project is to generate community development through training and capacity building of local leadership able to manage a program of income generation and self-sustainability to improve the living conditions of millions of people living below the poverty line today poverty.

At any moment we are seeking self-promotion of any member of our team. The team's work will be mostly on a voluntary basis and without cost to produce those who will be receiving the benefits of the project. Even those who will be paid will be linked to other groups that support us.


Most of our greatest need is skilled labor and volunteer in areas where we intend to act. So we can train and train key people in the region to be achieved, and wrap each one in a program of income generation for the development of the community where they are inserted.

Building a training and capacity building in the city of Kumasi, where possible, through a partnership program with local government for the development of the regions to be reached.

Seek partnerships with other social institutions are already working in Ghana for our actions may be even more productive.

Develop and distribute a project template that can be easily copied and used anywhere on the African continent.

Ground Transportation                             1.000,00
Construction Material                             10.000,00
Teaching materials                                  1.000,00
Sporting Goods                                        1.000,00
Agricultural Materials                               1.500,00
Workforce (The construction initial for)      1.500,00
Administrative Expenses                           1.000,00
 TOTAL                                                  17.000,00

* This investment will initially be higher for the first year, then we will reduce 50% of this amount (U.S. $ 8,500.00). Every project starts this need once more the total (U.S. $ 17,000.00) to build our base.

We will be personally responsible for coordinating the project on site in partnership with the Office of Citizenship (NGOs Vila Velha-ES) and entities in Ghana, where he will seek the formation of new leaders for continuing the project in the future.

We do not intend to create a permanent bond with these communities, so the training of new leaders is and will always be one of our main goals. But while we are continuously supervising the activities of each project even after you have passed the leadership to the local people.


Initially we will be working in the villages where we have contact with the leaders (local leaders) and they will be ceding ground to make way for the base of operations. The aim is that in three years and each project is self-sustaining self governable so we can leave for another village.

One strategy is to use institutions Churches and Nonprofits that are working in the region so that they can help us with people who already have some experience to be our 'coaches, trainers or giving birth and then form a well structured team of leaders capacitors.

We will be visiting Ghana in September this month to finalize the details of this project. We want to start later this year landscape work and site preparation for construction of the first core.

We welcome your participation!

Any question, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions and we will accept suggestions that can improve our project.

Marcos Antonio Ferreira
 Pioneer Mission Brazil - Guarapari, ES

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